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“Caste Adrift” a Giclee reproduction by Dave Curtis

“Caste Adrift” a Giclee reproduction by Dave Curtis



This is another beautiful reproduction of the surreal painting “Caste Adrift” by Dave Curtis.  Art lovers of the surreal genre have recognized this piece as a brilliant work of art.

Dave had this to say about the meaning behind the painting: “Caste Adrift” is about the negative aspect of Hinduism.  The bowl like boats represent the myriad of souls reincarnated from life to life without any direction or purpose.

These giclee prints were photographed and reproduced by a master craftsman whose critical eye has made these the most beautiful reproductions of Curtis’ work to date.  Originally limited to only 25 however only 6 of each were printed and we do not know if the edition will ever be completed.

This is a must have for serious collectors (Since the originals are in private collections!) and are very reasonably priced.

ATTN: The photographs here showing number 2 of 25 is only for reference and is not for sale.


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