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While supplies last! Sir Real and The Aquarium autographed book

While supplies last! Sir Real and The Aquarium autographed book


200 in stock



That’s if your talking about it as the inspiration for a collection of art, then made into a book!

This is the first book by artist Dave Curtis of Falls Church, Virginia and it is the first of many books in the works by long time friend and art colleague, David F Heatwole of Berea, Ohio.

This is not a typical book about the long lasting effects of environmental destruction or climate change but rather a story with multiple meanings and ultimately a positive outlook on the subject.  Truly a timely topic for this generation and future generations.  This book was created to become a collectible with only 200 signed copies and 200 unsigned.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BUY NOW BEFORE WE MARKET IT AS AN UPSELL with the upcoming Sir Real Collectors Edition Box Set of high quality reproductions of the 12 paintings featured in the book.

Because supplies are limited this is being sold for $125 unless you get the box set which will then come with a discounted price on the book.  FREE SHIPPING!


the first book of artist Dave Curtis


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