Sir Real

The name “Sir Real” is obviously a play on the word “surreal” and is a character that artist Dave Curtis loosely referenced occasionally over the many years of his artistic career. When Curtis met fellow artist and art collector David Heatwole, Sir Real began to show up more often and even was referenced in exhibits Heatwole curated of Curtis’ work. It was not until 2021 that the Ohio artist (Heatwole) started trying to figure out how to really market Curtis and his symbolic art. The idea to develop a brand that would feature Curtis’ work (Virginia artworks) on various products and just as another way to brand Curtis began to take shape. The friends started to discuss the names Sir Real Art Studios, Sir Real Studios, and Sir Real Art as potential names to market the artist online and elsewhere. Heatwole finally settled on Sir Real Studios and immediately developed a strong logo for the brand. The logo was based on some of Curtis’ imagery, i.e., the brain snail, which first appeared in one of the artist’s surreal, symbolic paintings in 2019. 

Dave Curtis

Born in Washington DC, he has been a resident of the Falls Church area for over 50 years. After graduating from VA Tech with a B.A. in Studio Art, he has shown his work in both group and solo shows in the District, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Currently, he keeps a studio open to the public at ” Jefferson Street Artists” within “Art And Frame of Falls Church.”

His work encompasses themes of history, literature, religion, and mythology. His current surreal artwork consists of a series of fantastic visions of a post-apocalyptic world recreating itself from the destruction of this present world. These “aquariums” teem with Jungian Archetypes, metaphors, analogies, and irony, along with the bizarre allegorical, and almost Lovecraftian creatures that populate them.

Sir Real Studios

This is simply the brand that friend and collector David Heatwole has set up for marketing Dave Curtis’ art. In the eyes of Heatwole (The Ohio Artist), Dave Curtis is Sir Real. Heatwole is an artist in his own right and has such a passion for art and helping artists that he has worked as a gallerist, art magazine publisher, and community organizer, using the skills to serve targeted communities. To learn more about David Heatwole and his art and mission, please visit